Ok, so you might be thinking, "I don' really want an album." and you know what? That's ok! I'm here to tell you every reason why you should! This page is dedicated to everything you could possibly want to know about the albums that come with almost every package I offer. So lets get started!


Let's talk about 

As much as I love digital images, Instagram, slideshows, and sharing your photos online, I also believe the very BEST way to relive your memories & celebrate your growth is with an album! Every wedding, and almost every session I photograph, receives an album and we get to design it together after all your photos are ready!

These albums are unreal! They lay flat with no hard seams down the center! They are fingerprint & tear resistant ant guaranteed for life! That means you can have this on your coffee table and never worry about it getting damaged!

The one area my couples choose to spend more is on their wedding album.

A Tangible book

album love notes

I love my family album! It is way higher quality than i anticipated and Maddi made the design process super easy! I cant wait to have several from all the sessions we will do with her!

I absolutely love the album I got from my session! I love having our family pictures in a tangible place, instead of just on the computer. My kiddos love looking at the pictures and laughing at their funny faces they pulled. It makes a great center piece and conversation starter. Such a high quality and beautifully made product!

Because there are so many cover options, you can find something that will stand out in your home! Along with being a visual centerpiece, having your album(s) on your coffee or end table, allows for visiting family and friends the opportunity to look though and cherish memories with you!

a Statement piece


Moms, you read that right. These albums are fingerprint and tear resistant! That means you can let them sit down and look through them with out having to worry! The thick, lay-flat pages are tear and wrinkle resistant so you don't have to worry about missing or damaged pages. 

Fingerprint and Tear Resistant


My kids love them and I'm sure yours will to! Wither it be your wedding album, or the albums from your family sessions, your kids will love flipping though the pages. I can not tell you how many times I have found my kids sitting on the floor looking though them, and then asking for memories from when they were "that small". 

Kids Love them


Let's be real for a sec. You want to have a book that you can flip though and look though your life's milestones, but you don't have the time to actually put it together! Wither it be actually printing the pictures, or just putting the book together, there just isn't time. (I'm the same way! I have several printed pictures that need to go into some form of book). These albums are a perfect way to have your milestones, in a book without you having to take more than an hour to do it! Now imagine, having a collection of them!

The book you've always wanted


why you'll love it


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